the bio

The Shockenaw Mountain Boys were formed for fun and profit (so far mostly fun) during the second gulf war. Featuring the talents of three current members of the national touring act Railroad Earth and one former member and current member of the excellent Emmit-Nershi Band, their performances are legend and by legend I mean mostly myth. So if you have the opportunity to see them, you should. It would be like seeing a unicorn... sort of.

the shows


No upcoming shows at this point in time.

Some tunes

Food locker

SMB - Food Locker

Behold, the long awaited first official release from the Shockenaw Mountain Boys - Food Locker. Recorded live to a single microphone in July of 2017 during the annual Shawnee Riverkeeper canoe trip, Food Locker captures the Shockenaw Boys at their loose, improvisational best.

Some news

the dudes

John Skehan

John Skehan is a classically trained piano player that took up the mandolin shortly before Railroad Earth got together in 2000. His mando style often reflects a pianistic, textural style and he's well known for spending way too much time in the bathrooms of hotels practicing Bach and shit. This is the primary reason for the premature graying of many of his bandmates' hair.

Andy Goessling

Andy grew up as one of the youngest of something like 42 kids and was drafted into one of his older brother's bands when he was 4 years old. He's known as "the right brain of Railroad Earth", and is close personal friends with numerous TSA agents the world over. He gets back to his bluegrass roots in the Shockenaw Mountain Boys with the guitar, mando, and banjo.

Tim Carbone

Violinist. Producer. Raconteur. Many words describe an aspect of Tim Carbone, but none can capture the sweeping breadth of talent embodied in the man. He's played shows from the deepest hole in Birmingham, AL to playing for his holyness, the Dalai Lama himself. But if you really want to get to know Tim Carbone, buy him a beer and ask him about his passion for the Boston Red Sox.

Johnny Grubb

Johnny Grubb is a renaissance man - a father of 3 beautiful boys, husband to a beautiful wife, world famous bluegrass musician, computer programmer, and all around really great guy to be around at all times. His wife will attest to this. He is also the author of this website, and of all these band bios, and clearly misses his former RRE bandmates quite a lot.